Get more revenues from your passengers

What means to passengers is the destination they fly to. We offer a sales channel aggregating all travel services within one unique app branded with your airport chart and including your services in the global travel experience


Mobile travel app to support and follow your passengers


A Worldwide Personalized Travelguide

– 200 destinations report related to your routes are included in the app
– Booking facilities for restaurants, local activities, shows, fastpass, hotels generate new revenue streams for your airport
– Artificial intelligence assists your travelers to increase emotions and buying

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3 smart data programs to catch passenger info & promote airport services

Geolocated Shopping

Traveler finds shops presented in proximity or browses special offers 


Shopping Motivation

Easily find the right shop for every need

Specials & Benefits

Targeting according to retailer initiatives and passenger status (Premium…)

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Passenger metrics

Tracking of passenger origin
Frequency of travel
Length of stay
Destinations visited
Interests & behavior
Family Status


Airport Metrics

Behavioral database ROI
Time spent at the airport
Most visited retailers
Final Destinations
Retailer proactivity and security

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