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Entertaining app to discover historical treasures of the city of London with : Treasure hunt (not only for kids), augmented reality, itineraries, personalization with your own pictures, comics, revealing vanished monuments, postcard from virtual to real, push.

This new App will give you amusement, running, kids enthusiasm and will challenge your culture.
“My kids loved it, they actually made me discover the city” P.L.
“I hate kids, I became one” X.H.
“Functions for everyone inside, culture becomes a game” C.B.
“Well done, exhaustive and pertinent” S.B.
“Never imagined I could learn so easily” F.T.
“When a site fascinates me now I know why and more “M.C.
“I am a Fan, I collect them all trip after trip” V.T.

European Laureate for creative and innovative in Heritage enhancement, there is nothing more exhaustive than Monument Tracker ( 600 000 users).
Engaged in Monuments conservation – crowdfunding for Pantheon and Mont Saint Michel in partnership with “Centre des Monuments Nationaux”

Real plus

– offline version to avoid roaming
– own pictures brought in the app as emotions collector
– comics animations
– geolocation and push : no search, monuments reveal their history when you walk by in Lodon
– easy and intuitive use
– all monuments and sites of London explained
– quiz to challenge your culture
– themed itineraries
– showing how ruins or vanished monuments were
– augmented reality
– usefull agenda for events and shows
using GPS (not internet)


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Top 10 London landmarks and places

The Monument Tracker team has selected a list of monuments available in the application Monument Tracker London.


Albert et Victoria Muséum

Huge decorative art museum it is impossible to visit on the sly. It contains more than 4 million items representing more than 5,000 years of history. It’s a very eclectic museum, there is everything, paintings, sculptures, furniture, photographs, clothes, dishes, jewelery, ceramics and other objects that can be discovered in the permanent exhibition or multiple traveling exhibitions .


Big Ben

Big Ben is the colloquial name given by the British to the famous clock of the Palace of Westminster, and more specifically to the bell of 13.5 tons that the tower houses since 1859. The bell is calibrated annually using a coin is added or removed according to whether the clock leads or lags. 6 km one pleases. The characteristic sound of the bell is due to a crack appeared shortly after his laborious installation. It’s Big Ben announcing the new year and only the British can visit the tower.


British Museum

The British Museum, built in 1753, brings together more than seven million objects from all civilizations, including the famous Rosetta stone and the largest collection of Egyptian art in the world. The museum also exhibits remarkable collections of ancient Greece and Rome. Unfortunately thousands of objects are not exposed for lack of space. The museum has nearly 6 million visitors each year. Its architecture and glass courtyard are also worth visiting.


London Eye

The Ferris wheel, installed in 2000 on the banks of the Thames to celebrate the millennium, measuring 135 meters (it is one of the highest in Europe) and consists of 32 closed pods that can hold up to 25 people each. It takes a half hour to walk around and enjoy a spectacular view.


Maritim Museum

A compound of Queen’s House and Royal Observatory, it is the largest naval museum in the world. It contains an extraordinary collection of models and attractions that replicate life at sea and recount the adventures of Britain’s greatest explorers. The museum features permanent and temporary exhibitions. It contains all the Set Admiral Nelson and even the Titanic relics recovered after his famous shipwreck!


Tower Bridge

Bascule bridge on the Thames, it takes its name from the famous Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster. Once the most sophisticated drawbridges, today it remains an architectural model for the two monumental towers that serve as pillars. A gateway allows the passage of pedestrians while the bridge is open to boats. It crosses the Thames on 270m.


National Gallery

The National Gallery is a museum built between 1824 and 1838, which exhibits over 2,300 paintings that trace the history of art from the Middle Ages until the late nineteenth century. The name of the gallery refers more to his membership in the public domain that the nationality of its parts. There are indeed masterpieces of the greatest European painters of this period.


National History

After the first building destroyed because it did not allow to properly expose the works and also because it threatened to collapse, the current museum was built between 1910 and 1930 by Alfred and Ludwig Hoffmann Messels. The exhibits come from excavations of German archaeologists. The four elements are sensational Altar of Pergamon, the Gate of Miletus market, the Ishtar Gate and the facade of the palace Mschatta: No other museum exhibits as big sets. There are more rooms devoted to Roman and Greek construction techniques, a beautiful museum of Islam and collections of Sumerian remains, Babylonian and Assyrian. This is one of London museums simply must be seen.


Royal Albert Hall

Imposing oval building dating back to 1867, Royal Albert Hall is a prestigious concert hall that can accommodate more than 5,500 spectators and has the second largest organ in the country. He is the theater all year? S one of the largest music festivals in the world, the Proms Festival. It hosts all kinds of events: classical concerts, rock, ballet, opera, conferences, sporting events and even the circus. Several types of tours are offered there.


Saint Paul Cathedral

t the heart of the city, famous luxury London, stands the Cathedral of St. Paul, built by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire ravageât walled city in 1666, and fifth in the name. Seeking to achieve an imposing building on this historic location, construction lasted 35 years. Do not hesitate to climb the 543 steps of the Duomo (the second highest in the world) that will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views. You’ll love the huge nave 150 meters long, whispering gallery where your whispers can be heard at 34 meters, the imposing altar canopy, the largest in Europe where crypt is buried General Nelson and paintings mosaics and a recent renovation has bathed in light.

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