Palacio de la real audiencia

History of Palacio de la real audiencia at Santiago

The palace is built on the former grounds of Pedro de Valdivia. This land was divided into two parts: on one of them was built the residence of the governor, now the central seat of the Post Office, and on the other, the Real Audiencia and the seat of the council Colonial now occupied by the municipality of the city. The Real Audiencia, or chancellery, was a court of second instance; It functioned in a first palace that deteriorated over time, with the earthquakes of 1647 and 1730 and the floods of the Mapocho River. The present-day neoclassical palace was built in 1808 on the plans of Juan Jose de Goycolea y Zañartu: it is characterized by a very sober facade, regular windows, a balustrade above the floor and a strongly central part Underlined by columns and a very high tower. At the beginning of independence it was used for various political events, notably for the first National Congress of 1811. Between 1812 and 1814 (Patria Vieja period) it served as the seat of the government, before becoming again the seat of Audiencia Real. The seat of government and residence of the President between 1818 and 1845, it housed the Intendance from 1847 to 1929, and the Postal Administration from 1929 to 1978. It now houses the National History Museum.

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