Chiesa di santa maria di castello

History of Chiesa di santa maria di castello at Genoa

The facade is very sober with openings on two levels and no decoration. The interior contains 3 naves separated by Roman columns supporting Romanesque arches and a faux tribune. The 10 lateral chapels and the two frontal chapels date from the 15th and 16th centuries. ; The central apse and the choir were enlarged to house the stalls for priests after the Council of Trent. A "Cristo Moro" in wood from the 13th century. Is leaning against a pillar near the altar; We do not know its author. The chapels were financed by well-to-do families, who produced countless works of art by local artists: Alessandro Gherardini, Giuseppe Palmieri, Aurelio Lomi, Pier Francesco Sacchi, Bernardo Castello, Tommaso Orsolino, Andrea Ansaldo, Giovan Battista Paggi, Luciano Borzone, Domenico Piola etc. The first chapel on the left dedicated to Saint Catherine of Siena contains the baptismal fonts made from a Roman sarcophagus and a pretty polyptic, as well as a tabernacle for holy oils. Also worth seeing is the convent with its 3 cloisters, as well as the interesting museum.

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