History of Via garibaldi at Genoa

She was born around 1550 of a project of the very rich Grimaldi family: it was to transform a malfamous zone into a residential district for the richest families who, before, lived in districts of medieval structure. The construction of the great palaces lasted 40 years. The city commissioned Bernardino Cantoni, a pupil of Galeazzo Alessi, to draw the plans; He also created very fine palaces. The street is considered a model of urban architecture: this model has been exported to many other cities and countries. Pier Paul Rubens drew the palates and their planimetry, which also contributed to the diffusion of the model. It has a length of 250 m, overlooks the sea, and contains magnificent palaces: Palazzo Rosso, which hosts an art gallery and hosts concerts and theatrical performances, Palazzo Bianco which also contains an art gallery, Palazzo Doria Tursi, seat of the municipality . Then there are the palaces Pallavicini Cambiaso, Lercari Parodi, Carrega Cataldi, Angelo Giovanni Spinola, Podestà, Pantaleo Spinola, etc ...

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Location of Via garibaldi

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