History of Villa del principe at Genoa

It was built around 1530 in the town of Fassolo, then outside the walls of the city, for Prince Admiral Andrea Doria, Condottiere, Censor for Life and Father of the Nation. He has always lived there and even received sovereigns like Charles V and ambassadors who visited Andrea before even presenting their credentials to the government, which sat in the Palazzo Ducale. Through the construction of this villa, Andrea had a strong influence on his rich contemporaries, who began to build sumptuous palaces and to take an interest in art. The palace now houses a museum that contains numerous frescoes and stucco with mythological subjects, realized by Perin del Vaga; These very beautiful frescoes glorified at the same time Andrea Doria and her family. The rooms are also decorated by Sebastiano del Piombo, Domenico Piola and Bronzino, and they contain furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries. The "Galerie d'Or" contains a cycle of magnificent tapestries reproducing fictionalized episodes of the life of Alexander the Great, it is one of the highlights of the museum. It is also necessary to walk in the beautiful Italian garden and admire its Fountain of Neptune realized by Taddeo, Giuseppe and Barrista Carlone in 1601. The creation of an artificial lake facilitating irrigation allowed the realization of a large garden Sloping in the direction of the sea, towards a port which contained the private fleet of the admiral. A monument to Jupiter 8 m high, demolished in the meantime, stood in the park behind the palace, with the grave of Andrea's dog at his feet!

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