History of Porto antico di genova at Genoa

The old harbor, long unused, has become an important tourist hub of the city; Numerous events are organized there. Its restoration was completed in 1992 by Renzo Piano, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. There are many interesting buildings. The aquarium contains 600 marine species in 61 basins, including the large dolphin pool. The biosphere created by Renzo Piano contains butterflies, iguanas, ferns and various species of tropical plants that develop thanks to an ingenious device: the sphere allows to penetrate the exact amount of sunlight necessary for their growth. The Bigo is the large-scale reproduction of a boat crane: it contains an elevator which can rise to 40 m. The Porta Siberia is a door of the 16th century. Where port taxes were levied. The Cotton Warehouses is a 20th century building. Restored to contain shops, bar, cinemas, cultural and recreational structures. The Milo building (1876) contains restaurants, bars, shops, Eataly's headquarters, the Antarctic Museum.

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