History of Stele of the child septentrion at Antibes

On one of the walls of the town hall is a copy of the stele known as the "Enfant Septentrion", which took place on the stage of the Roman theater in Antipolis. This stela was found in the sixteenth century on the present site of the bus station and bears the following inscription: DM Septentrionis annor XII, which in Antiquity in theatro diduo placuit et salvatit - "To the manes of the child Septentrion aged twelve, At Antibes, in the theater, danced and pleased. " The original of the stele is visible in the Archeology Museum located on the ramparts. In 1833, the historian Jules Michelet evokes the fate of the child Septentrion: "The poor child is obviously one of those slaves who were raised to hire them at great prices to entertainers and perished victims of a Barbaric education. I know nothing more tragic than this inscription in its brevity, nothing that makes the harshness of the Roman world more clear. "

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Location of Stele of the child septentrion

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