History of The west side of the grand place at Brussels

It's the part to the right of the town hall when you look at it. All the houses have a name. Most of them belonged to corporations. From left to right, starting from the rue du Beurre the King of Spain: the house of  bakers’ corporation, it is adorned with busts of Saint Aubert patron of the bakers and Charles II king of Spain. La Brouette: house of grease corporations (oil, grease and candle merchants), it is adorned with the statue of Saint Gilles, patron saint of the grease makers. Le Sac: house of the corporation of cabinetmakers, the first two floors are original, the rest was rebuilt in 1697 by Antoine Pastorana and richly decorated by the sculptors Pierre van Dievoet and Laurent Merkaert with garlands of flowers and fruits, multiple cartouches, vases, globes ...La Louve: home of the archers' oath built in 1690 and rebuilt in 1696, it has a pediment decorated with an Apollo and a bas-relief depicting Romulus and Remus suckled by the wolf. It is decorated with a Phoenix mythical eternal bird that is reborn from its ashes. The Cornet: house of the corporation of the boatmen rebuilt in 1697 by Antoine Pastorana who creates a pediment in the form of a stern of ship and decorated with sculptures of Pierre van Dievoet. Le Renard: house of the corporation of cloth merchants rebuilt in 1699, crowned with the statue of saint Nicholas, patron saint of textile.

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