History of South facade of the grand place at Brussels

From right to left from Charles Buls L'Etoile: rebuilt in 1695, then demolished in 1852 to allow the passage of a horse tramway, it was rebuilt on the action of Mayor Charles Buls in 1897. The Cygne: rebuilt in 1698, it was bought by the butchers 'guild in 1720. The Belgian workers' party was founded there, Karl Marx wrote the "Manifesto of the Communist Party" .The Golden Tree: house of the corporation of the Brasseurs (today the Brasserie Museum) built in 1696 by Guillaume de Bruynet decorated with the sculptures of Pierre van Dievoet and Marc de Vos. It is surmounted by the equestrian statue of Charles-Alexandre de Lorraine.La Rose: private house rebuilt in 1702. Mont Thabor: detached house rebuilt in1699.

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Location of South facade of the grand place

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