History of North-east facade - grand palace at Brussels

From left to right: The Cerf: private house rebuilt in 1710. Joseph and Anne: 2 private houses joined together by the same facade, the gable was rebuilt according to a watercolor. The Ange: a private house in Flemish-Italian style rebuilt In 1697 and restored in 1897 thanks to drawings. The Chaloupe d'Or: House of the corporation of the tailors realized in 1697 on the drawings of Guillaume de Bruyn, it is surmounted by the statue of Saint Manbon of Cremona, patron of the tailors and decorated with statues most of which are by Pierre van Dievoet. The Pigeon: at the beginning it was a house for the painters' association, then from 1697 onwards, it became the house of the architect and stonecutter Pierre Simon who refitted the facade. Victor Hugo lived there in exile. The Gold Merchant: a private house.

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Location of North-east facade - grand palace

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