Victoria law courts

History of Victoria law courts at Birmingham

In the 18th century Birmingham, whose growth was very fast, needed a court of assizes. It was built between 1887 and 1891 on the plans of the architectural firm Aston Webb & Ingress Bell . This beautiful building built of brick is covered with terracotta ornaments. The entrance above all is sumptuous, with its two imposing columns surrounded by fine columns, the multiple arches, the windows, the beautiful friezes and the statue of Queen Victoria, well developed in the center, and surrounded by style decorations. baroque. The repetition of the small windows separated by fine columns, the pretty gables, the numerous arrows, the frieze running along the facades give the building a harmonious aspect. The protruding parts break the monotony: octagonal tower, small advance and bow window. This last element added in 1891 is the most beautiful effect. The interior, with its huge hall, has beautiful, intricate yellow terracotta decorations.

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