Back-to-back houses

History of Back-to-back houses at Birmingham

It is a set of terraced houses built during the Industrial Revolution, to cope with the influx of workers in the city. They are very simple houses, all identical, built next to each other, forming a long row. They usually have two rooms on the ground floor and two on the first floor, or three levels with one room per level. Back-to-back houses have the added feature of having the back wall shared with another house or factory. Most of these houses share three walls with other houses; they are therefore rather dark and poorly ventilated because the only windows are those of the facade. These uncomfortable houses are found mainly in industrial cities: Birmingham ,

Bradford , Leeds , Liverpool , Manchester , Salford , and Nottingham . In 1875, the Public Health Act prohibited the construction of such houses, which did not really stop these buildings before 1937. These houses were destroyed little by little, but there are still and they are inhabited. One of these groups has been maintained and turned into a museum.

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