National air and space museum (first floor).

History of National air and space museum (first floor). at Washington

This large museum is exceptional for those who are interested in aviationor spatial conquest. You cannot see everything in detail in one day, and it isbest to plan your visit. On the first floor are the following rooms:

 "Milestonesof Flight" (objects illustrating the great dates of aviation and theconquest of space), "America byAir" (with the front part of Boeing), "Flight simulators".


"Golden Age of Flight" (aircraftbetween the wars), "JetAviation" (jets), "EarlyFlight" (Aviation Pioneers).

"How Things Fly"(explanation of physical phenomena), "SpaceRace" (which has a V2 rocket), "Lookingat Earth" (Earth from Space).


"Exploring the Moon" (withLunar Module), "Beyond theEarth" (shows each space station), "Explore the Universe" (instruments invented by man toexplore the universe).



We can end this tour of the first floor by going to see a movie on a bigscreen; it is also an opportunity to take a break!

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Location of National air and space museum (first floor).

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