History of Holmens kirke at Copenhagen

Part of the building, built in 1562, was first a forge for anchors. A transformation made in 1619 made it a Lutheran church for the navy, then partly rebuilt in the style of the Danish Renaissance in 1642. The presence of a magnificent sculpted pulpit by Abel Schrøder (1662) surprises in a very Sober, even austere: the sculptures of this pulpit illustrate the history of Christians since Moses. The church also has a beautiful carved altar and the facade of an organ installed in 1662 by Lambert Kastens; But the current organ dates back to 1956. Admiral Niels Juel, who won the battle of Køge (1677) against the Swedish navy, is buried in this church and contains a replica of his ship. Peter Tordenskiold, another admiral who destroyed the reserve fleet of the Swedes in the battle of Dynekilen (1716) also has his grave there. The current Queen Marguerite II celebrated her marriage in this church in 1967.

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Location of Holmens kirke

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