History of Rundetårn at Copenhagen

In the 16th century. Astronomy developed throughout Europe, especially for the purposes of navigation. In Copenhagen, the eminent Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) distinguished himself by the precision of his observations. Christian Longomontanus succeeded him and convinced King Christian IV (1577-1648) to build an observatory. It was built by the Dutch architect Hans van Steenwinckel as well as a juxtaposed church topped by a library. The tower has a height of 35 m and one can reach the summit by a helical corridor which in 7 turns and a half allowed to mount there. The library can only be accessed through the tower ramp. The observatory had to be partly reconstructed because of the great fire of 1728, but in 1861 it was necessary to construct a new one, since the instruments of observation becoming more important and more numerous, it was now impossible to hold them in the tower . Today, the tower is accessible to the public and can thus enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city.

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Location of Rundetårn

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