Schweizerisches landesmuseum zürich

History of Schweizerisches landesmuseum zürich at Zurich

This museum is now part of the 8 Swiss national museums; It was opened in 1898 under another name, and installed in a medieval castle, built to house the museum, by Gustav Gull. Expansion work to be completed in the summer of 2016 will create an annexe that will include an exhibition hall, a library and an auditorium.

The museum presents the history of Switzerland; Its general structure comprises 4 parts: History of Switzerland presents the history of Switzerland by following 4 themes: Settlement, Religion, Politics, Economy. Collections exhibits 2000 objects that show the evolution of the Swiss decorative arts: there is in particular a beautiful set of traditional clothes. Furniture and Spaces is a set of furnished rooms illustrating several eras. Tower of Arms presents the weapons of the former arsenal of Zurich. More precisely, the collections are divided into 14 galleries: Archeology, Precious and Colored Metals, Graphics and Photographs, Ceramics and Glass, Carriages and Vehicles, Painting and Sculpture, Furniture and Interiors, Numismatics and Seals, Jewelry and Watches, Special Collections, Technology, Textiles and Fashion, Weapons and Uniforms, Witnesses of Era.


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