Basilica of santa maria

History of Basilica of santa maria at Alicante

The oldest church in the city was built between the 14th and 16th centuries in the Gothic style, on the remains of the great mosque of the city. Its exterior is very particular: we see that originally, it was very simple, with a flat facade without decorations, two steeples, and a low extension on each side, provided with a door. Then, in the Baroque period, this simplicity no longer fashionable, we instructed Juan Bautista Borja, a talented sculptor, to embellish the facade. He added almost exaggerated decorations to the doors and the central portal: smooth, twisted columns on the ground floor, twisted columns on the floor, statues on pedestals, stacking of flat surfaces, pinnacles, curved eardrums, and style decorations churrigueresque. In addition, barrels of guns were added to the facade. The interior has a single nave lined with chapels situated between the foothills; it has an altar and an altarpiece gilded of the eighteenth century, Rococo style, located in a choir of the purest Gothic style. Of the whole stand out the Chapel of the Immaculate with a work of Estève Bonet and the Chapel of Baptism which contains a baptismal font made by artists of the School of Michelangelo. There is also a statue of the Virgin of the fifteenth century. Gothic, and those of Saints John performed by Rodrigo de Osona. The church was restored after the Republican troops fought against it.

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