Torres of defensa de la huerta de alicante

History of Torres of defensa de la huerta de alicante at Alicante

The municipality intends to create a circuit on foot, by bike and on horseback, which should allow to pass through a part of the defense towers of Alicante huertas, recovering the former Royal Road of Benimagrell. We will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the huertas, discovering old wells, dry ponds, vineyards, carob trees, olive trees, stately homes, defensive towers. As the region was very rich, due to a flourishing agriculture, it was often attacked by Moorish pirates in the 16th century. Also anyone who wanted to build a house in the huertas also had to build a defensive tower, because this low coastal region was very vulnerable. All these towers communicated with each other by smoke signals to indicate a sail on the horizon. There were up to 33 rounds; there are still 25 of them. Some are dilapidated, others have become prosperous stores or beautiful historic houses, often accompanied by a chapel. An original, informative and enjoyable walk.

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Location of Torres of defensa de la huerta de alicante

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