Casa consistorial

History of Casa consistorial at Alicante

This baroque style palace which houses the Ayuntamiento (town hall) was built in the 18th century. It is rectangular in plan, has a symmetrical facade with 3 levels that ends with two towers. The 10 windows of the noble floor are decorated with pretty tympanums interspersed with a floral motif, while those of the 2nd floor have a simpler decoration. On the ground floor, the decoration effort focused on the central portal, clearly visible with its strongly twisted columns and two neighboring portals. At the bottom of the towers, two large doors connect the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to the Plaza de la Santissima Faz. The facade is surmounted by a balustrade, the upper parts of the two towers, and further behind, we can see the pretty dome. Not all municipal services are concentrated in this building. The mayor and the 29 councilors are elected for 4 years. Inside there is Sal? N Azul, which was the Royal House of Isabel II in 1858, with a side chapel containing an "Inmaculada" by Lucas Espin? S.

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Location of Casa consistorial

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