Museo de bellas artes gravina

History of Museo de bellas artes gravina at Alicante

The Museum of Fine Arts is hosted by the Palacio del Conde de Lumiares , built between 1748 and 1808. It has been dedicated to painting and sculpture alicantines since the sixteenth century. Currently, he focuses on the most renowned artists of the nineteenth century Alicante. and in particular to the painter Emilio Varela Isabel , in an exhibition that has received paintings from the Town Hall and the Prado Museum, the Sorolla Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia. There are works by Fernando Cabrera, Pedro Serrano Bossio, Francisco Bushell, Vicente Poveda, Ricardo Navarrete and Fos, Heliodoro Guillén, Emilio Sala , Antonio Gisbert and Joaquín Agrasot . The museum was renovated in the early 21st century. and offers a pleasant visit; but there are no paintings by famous artists.

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