Castillo de san felipe

History of Castillo de san felipe at Menorca

This castle built by the Italian engineer Hugo de Cessane, at the end of the port of Mah? N, dates from the sixteenth century. ; it is one of the first castles of Spain built with bastions. The fort was intended to repel the attacks of the Turks: indeed, in 1535, Mah? N had been sacked by the Turkish pirate Khayr ed Din Barbarossa. This fortress was useful, because in 1558, it allowed to defeat pirate Piyale Pasha. The English took Menorca in 1714, and they strengthened the fortress. They had to give way to the French from 1756 to 1763, after the French fleet, led by a grand nephew of Cardinal Richelieu, conquered the island. But in 1963, the Treaty of Paris, which ended the 7-year war between England and France, restored the island to the British. The Spaniards took the castle and the island in 1782, but remained there until 1798 after an English victory. But Menorca returned to Spain after the peace of Amiens in 1802. The King of Spain Carlos IV demolished the castle, leaving only the batteries needed to defend the port. Since 1998, all the historical defenses of Mah? N have begun to be restored and the castle can be partially visited.

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Location of Castillo de san felipe

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