Fortaleza by isabel ii

History of Fortaleza by isabel ii at Menorca

After the demolition of Castillo San Felipe in 1850, this new fortress was built on the Mola peninsula, to defend the port, to be the base of the military operations on the island and to be a safe place for the army . Indeed, Spain feared that the English would reconquer the port to have a base of operations against France, because there was constant tension between the two countries. It was built according to new necessities: the system of bastions no longer valid, the fort was built with a polygonal enclosure in two parts: one of them was planned to repel a land attack, the other to defend the port with guns on the sea side. The soldiers' quarters were provided with brick vaults and covered with earth to protect them from gunfire. The fortress was completed in 1875, but already the evolution of the artillery made it obsolete. So coastal batteries were installed far from the fortress, which was hardly used. Also, the fortress is today intact and the visit is interesting, especially since one can at the same time benefit from the sight which it offers; at times of migration of birds, which stop on the peninsula of Mola, one can enjoy the visit to observe them.

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