Camino de caballos

History of Camino de caballos at Menorca

(Cami de Cavalls in Catalan) This is a 185 km long hiking trail that goes all around the island, mostly along the sea. It is perfectly marked and you can choose easy routes or moderate difficulty. The trail offers an astonishing variety, both in the landscape and in its geology: beaches, grazing areas, cultivated land, forests, defense towers, urban areas. This path already existed partially in the 14th century. As it was necessary to build defense towers all around the island, it also needed a path to reach or link the different towers. It is thanks to the popular pressure that the road was completely finished up recently, with expropriations because the road contained 120 sections that were in properties. You can follow the path on foot, on horseback or by bike. It has been divided into 20 steps ranging in duration from 2 to 5 hours; signage is present every 50 or 100 m. The first step begins at Mahon.

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Location of Camino de caballos

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