History of Ciudadella at Menorca

This city of 22000 inhabitants was the capital of Menorca until 1714, year of the installation of the English on the island. It is possible that it was founded by the Carthaginians; it then experienced the same invasions as Spain: Romans, Vandals Visigoths, Moors. In the Middle Ages it became an important trading port. But in 1558, it was sacked by the Turks led by Piyale Pasha and Turgut Reis at the head of a fleet of 140 ships. They took all the inhabitants and those around in captivity to Istanbul, more than 3,000 people. The city was rebuilt little by little in the Italian style, which gives it a certain unity. It is nice to walk in the narrow streets of the center that converge on a cathedral of massive structure. It was built in 1287 above a mosque, in Catalan Gothic style. Its facade was rebuilt in neoclassical style in 1813, but its side door still has its medieval ornamentation. Its interior has several chapels built over the years, including a beautiful baroque chapel: the Capilla de las Animas.

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