Naveta de biniac oriental

History of Naveta de biniac oriental at Menorca

It is a bronze age funeral naveta built between - 1500 and - 1000, intended for collective burials. It is near the road from Mah? N to Ciudadela at km 8, on a road that goes on the left to La Argentina; the naveta is in the enclosure of the zoo Lloc de Menorca. It is almost circular oval base with external dimensions of 11.1 m by 10.7 and internal dimensions of 3.9 m by 2.3; it is built by stacking very large stones, especially on the inside, and the interstices are filled by smaller stones. The oval funeral chamber is accessed through a long corridor. The interior is even more impressive than the exterior. While digging the ground inside, no objects were found, although the dead were always buried with various objects; but this is explained by the fact that naveta was later used as a refuge for small flocks of goats or sheep.

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Location of Naveta de biniac oriental

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