Necropolis cales coves

History of Necropolis cales coves at Menorca

Cales Cove is a cove located 10 km from Alayor, next to Lloc Nou. To get there, follow the signs to a car park and then continue on foot. The creek is surrounded by high cliffs pierced with hundreds of artificial caves that served as a necropolis during the Bronze Age and iron, and until the Roman occupation. Some caves have collapsed due to the friability of the rock. The funerary chambers are varied: they are rectangular or circular; the Iron Age chambers are larger, with altars, niches, decorated entrances, pilasters and entrances preceded by a flat ground cut into the rock. The caves later served as a refuge for fishermen. From the 60s, many young people came to settle in the caves, then it was the hippies, who made it a center of nudists; many boats and yachts moored in the cove. The authorities have not been able to completely clean up the situation.

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