Temple of the jade buddha

History of Temple of the jade buddha at Shanghai

It is the most important Buddhist temple in Shanghai. During the reign of Emperor Guangxu (1875-1908), the monk Huigen made a pilgrimage to Tibet and continued his journey to Burma. There, a Chinese expatriate donated two jade statues: a seated Buddha 2 meters high, weighing 3 tons and encrusted with precious stones, and an elongated Buddha ready to enter Nirvana. He brought the statues back to China by sea and built a first temple; But this one was razed in 1911 during the revolt of Wuchang. The statues had, however, been secured. The present temple was built between 1918 and 1928; He miraculously escaped the fury of the Red Brigades! Today, the temple still has two statues and a beautiful statue of the elongated Buddha, larger than the first, offered by the city of Singapore. The temple includes the Hall of the Four Divine Kings with their statues and those of Maitreya and Skanda. The Great Hall is also very rich in sculptures: it contains 3 Buddhas covered with gold, Buddha, Amitabha and Bhaisajyaguru, the Gods of Twenty Skies, 18 Arhats and Guanyin, Sudhana and its 53 teachers. The Jade Room contains the Jade Buddhas as well as other sculptures. There are two restaurants: one of them offers a simple kitchen and the one on the floor is more expensive.

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Location of Temple of the jade buddha

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