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History of Museum of shanghai at Shanghai

It is a beautiful museum of ancient Chinese art, founded in 1952; The original modern building in which it is located dates from 1996. It has 5 levels and a total area of ??4 ha. It was designed by Xing Tonghe, and it has the shape of an ancient bronze cauldron, a ding; It has a round roof and a square base that symbolize the ancient conception of the universe: a round sky and a square earth. Its collections come from various sources: objects found by chance or confiscated during the civil war, objects confiscated by customs, objects bought at low prices from collectors under political pressure, integration into the new museum of the former municipal museum And the Shanghai Museum of the Royal Asian Society. Today, the museum has nearly 120,000 objects in 10 permanent galleries, representing only Chinese Art: Bronzes, Sculptures, Ceramics, Jades, Paintings, Calligraphies, Seals, Numismatics, Furniture, Arts and Crafts of Minorities. It is an indispensable museum, to be seen first.

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