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It is a very original building, with a very large parabolic roof that overflows on both sides. It was designed by Arte Charpentier, a French architectural firm, and was opened in 1998. Three stairwells separate 4 parts of the building and penetrate the roof, which still has other facilities. It is built on a plot of 2 ha and its total area is 7 ha. It has 3 rooms: the Lyric Theater with 1800 seats, the Théâtre des Drames with 600 seats and the Théâtre Studio with 300 seats. It is very well equipped and all the equipment for the sound and the light have been installed by companies of world renown. The Lyrique Theater is one of the largest (1700 m 2 ), the best equipped and most versatile in the world: it consists of a main stage, a back stage and two lateral scenes, all of which can be rotated . There is also a banquet and dance hall located at the very top. Since its opening, it has presented 6000 shows: Chinese operas, Western operas, musicals, ballets, symphonies, chamber music concerts, dramas. You have to see the building at night, when it is illuminated: the show is well worth it.

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