History of Garden yu at Shanghai

This garden was laid out in 1577 during the Ming period by Pan Yunduan for his father Pan Men, Minister of the Emperor. This garden, the most prestigious and extensive, but also the most expensive in Shanghai, caused the ruin of the Pan family. Subsequently, the garden was improved by its successive owners but almost completely ravaged by successive revolts and wars (opium war, Taiping revolt, Japanese invasion). It was rehabilitated by Liangshun Han between 1956 and 1961, and again opened to the public. This beautiful garden covers an area of ??2 ha and is divided into 6 parts arranged in Suzhou style. The Sansui Hall contains an immense rock 12 m high, carved to represent cliffs, peaks, caves and gorges. The Wanhua Chamber is called the House of 10000 Flowers. The Dianchun Hall dates from 1820 and served as the basis for the Small Swords Society, an active armed group during the Taiping Revolt. There is also the Huijing Hall and the Yahua Hall covered with rosewood, the Ming Dynasty. The interior garden is magical with its arrangements of rocks, its ponds, its pavilions, its towers, its flowers and exotic plants; It combines Chinese garden and western garden. These 6 parts are separated by Dragon Walls, winding and terminated by heads of dragons.

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