History of Pearl tower at Shanghai

This television tower located in the Lujiazui district was built between 1991 and 1995 on the plans of Jia Huan Cheng; It has a height of 468 meters. The architect drew his inspiration from a poem by Bai Juyi written in the Tang Dynasty, a poem that evokes the sound produced by pearls falling on a jade plate. The most visible parts are the two large spheres of 50 and 45 m in diameter; They are connected by 3 columns 9 m in diameter. The highest sphere has a diameter of 14 meters. At a height of 267 meters, there is a revolving restaurant and a very large tea room. Large concrete columns support the tower and are secured to the base. The tower has 3 observation platforms: the first is 90 m high, the second is 263 m and the third is 350 m. At the base of the tower are the Museum of the History of the City; An amusement park on the theme of "World of the Future" is under construction. The 5 smaller balls located on the columns of the base contain a hotel with 20 rooms.

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Location of Pearl tower

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