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History of Shanghai museum of natural history at Shanghai

This museum was founded in 1956 and is one of the largest natural history museums in China. Since 2015, it is housed in a magnificent building built to house it in the Jing'an sculpture park; It has an exhibition space of 4 ha. This very original design building designed by Perkins and Will deserves a visit: it is covered by a sloping grassy slope that runs from the ground floor to the roof. The interior is spacious and the honeycomb facade allows a great luminosity, at the same time as nice plays of light. The museum was housed in the cottage building built by the English in 1923. The museum has 240,000 items, including 62,000 specimens of animals, 135,000 specimens of plants, 1,700 specimens of minerals and 700 objects of age Stone. Particularly interesting are a Yellow River mammoth, a giant salamander, a giant panda and a Yangtze alligator: these animals are not found outside of China. The most gigantic element is the skeleton of a Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis, a 4-storey dinosaur! The museum also has two mummies and several embryos of human beings.

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