History of Pudong at Shanghai

This part of the city houses the business district of Lujiazui; It is separated from the city center by the Huang Po River and contains nearly 5 million inhabitants. In 1990, the Pudong district was abandoned, including former abandoned shipyards, old hangars and rice farmer's huts. The government decided to intensely develop and enlarge the district into a district; A number of skyscrapers and modern buildings of all kinds emerged very quickly and continued to emerge. The most impressive skyscrapers are: Pearl Tower (468 m, 1995), Jin Mao Tower (492 m, 2008), Shanghai World Financial Tower (632 m, 2016). The most important avenue is the Shìjì dàdào; It is in this new district that is also the airport, by the sea. 9000 Chinese and foreign companies have settled in prestigious buildings, and many luxury hotels have been opened. Most of the buildings built for the 2010 World Expo are located in Pudong and form a large public park. It is now the most active district of the city

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Location of Pudong

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