Temple of jing'an

History of Temple of jing'an at Shanghai

The Temple of Peace and Tranquility is a Buddhist temple founded in 247 during the period of the three kingdoms in the kingdom of Wu. The first building was first located near the Wusong River and then a new temple was built In 1216 under the Song Dynasty at the present location. This temple was rebuilt in 1880; This is the present temple. During the "Cultural Revolution", it was converted into a factory of plastic materials. The restoration, and the construction of an additional pagoda, was completed in 2010. It is a large complex located in the middle of a block of buildings and includes many buildings: the Divine Kings Room, Salle des 3 Saints, Salle des Travaux Vertueux, Salle Mahavira, which is the main hall. Near the main hall is the Guanyin Hall with a statue of the goddess, made of camphor wood, 6 m high and 5 tons. The Jade Buddha Hall contains a statue of Buddha seated 4 m high. We can also see the apartments of the priests, a huge 3.5-ton copper bell from the Ming dynasty, stone Buddhas dating from the period 420-589 and paintings by the masters Chu Zhishan, Zhang Daqian and Wen Zhenming. An impressive temple!

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Location of Temple of jing'an

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