History of Lessing denkmal at Vienna

(Monument to Lessing) This statue of the writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing was made in 1935 by Siegfried Charroux. As early as 1939, the Nazis destroyed it, reproaching its tolerance for the writer, who did not correspond to their fanaticism. The same Charroux refitted this statue which was replaced on the "Judenplatz" in 1981. Lessing (1729-1781) was a writer, critic, playwright and philosopher. This brilliant, open mind was passionate about literature, philosophy, art and theater; He even studied temporarily mathematics, medicine and later philology. His prose is extremely precise and clear. He admired the authors of the lights like Voltaire and Bayle, but wanted Germany to find its own originality. He recommended a great tolerance, which he expressed in his last play: "Nathan the Wise." His philosophy was close to that of Spinoza and, according to his pseudo-Christian detractors, led to atheism.

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