History of The general resnier de goué at Angoulême

General Resnier de Goué was born in 1729 in Angouleme. Engaged in the army from the age of 16, he participated in numerous campaigns in the Royal Army then in the Army of the Republic. He is also a writer. But his life was dominated by the dream of flying. He manufactures a first flying machine which he tests in 1787, but he does not manage to take off. In 1796, he retired to Angoulême and devoted himself entirely to the manufacture of a new machine. In 1801, at 72 years, he threw himself from the ramparts. He crashes but gets away without harm. Soon after, he jumps from the bridge of Saint-Cybard, travels about fifty meters before falling into the water. His third attempt is the right one: He throws himself from the top of this tower, the Ladent tower, clapping his arms and legs. He steals ! It travels more than 300 meters, crosses the Charente and crashes on the bank. He breaks a landing leg. He has just realized the greatest dream of humanity. But History will forget its flight and will remember as the first flying man the German Otto Lilenthal who flew in 1891, 90 years after our Angoumoisin general.

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