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Visiter Aux Armes de Bruxelles

Aux Armes de Bruxelles


SITUATED IN THE HEART OF BRUSSELS this brasserie is a real institution in the historic quarter of the îlot Sacré....

Price : 50 EUR

Visiter Les Deux Maisons

Les Deux Maisons


TRADITIONAL & GOURMET - In the outskirts of Brussels, the chic and cosy restaurant welcomes you in Stockel, in its...

Price : 55 EUR

Visiter Callens Cafe

Callens Cafe


RIGHT IN THE HEART OF BRUSSELS, on Avenue Louise, under the ITTower, Callens Café is one of the places to be of the hip...

Price : 29 EUR

Visiter Le Prélude

Le Prélude


NEW ADDRESS - freshly landed in Saint-Gilles, on a small patch of green in the shade of a few trees, the restaurant...

Price : 19 EUR

Visiter 'T Misverstand

'T Misverstand


LOCATED IN UCCLE, 't Misverstand stands right at the intersection between Belgian and French cuisine....

Price : 30 EUR

Visiter Les Larmes du Tigre

Les Larmes du Tigre


IN THE CENTRE OF BRUSSELS, the Thai restaurant "Les larmes du Tigre" sets the tradition at the service of the ambiance,...

Price : 31 EUR

Visiter O Chinoise Riz

O Chinoise Riz


CHÂTELAIN, IXELLES - In a colonial decoration, the "Ô chinoise Riz" restaurant serves all week for lunch and dinner,...

Price : 25 EUR

Visiter Râle-Bol



IXELLES, CHÂTELAIN, DISTRICT BAILLI - In the prestigious Page street, this new address is worth a visit....

Price : 25 EUR

Visiter Le Chalet de la Forêt

Le Chalet de la Forêt


SITUEE SUR LA DREVE DE LORRAINE à Uccle, cette institution chic et moderne vous reçoit et vous propose de vous régaler...

Price : 145 EUR

Visiter L'épicerie



NEAR THE AVENUE LOUISE - In Ixelles, a simplistic wooden decoration is the setting of this grocery store who takes you...

Price : 26 EUR

Visiter Charlu



FRENCH CUISINE in the middle of Uccle. Burgers and home-made French fries at rasonable prices in a friendly setting...

Price : 29 EUR

Visiter Gusto



TASTE - First and of course, the taste of Italy, could not be more authentic than at Gusto’s, pasta to die for, in ...

Price : 39 EUR

Visiter La Véraison

La Véraison


WINE - The maturing of the grapes is one of the processes in the production of wine. It is one of the first steps and...

Price : 41 EUR

Visiter Au Rallye des Autos

Au Rallye des Autos


THE HOME, STARTING LINE AND FINISH LINE OF CLASSIC CAR RALLIES, this restaurant has become, in no time at all, a true...

Price : 39 EUR

Visiter Les Papilles

Les Papilles


LOCATED IN UCCLE on the Waterloo roadway at the level of the Bois de la Cambre, "Les papilles" welcomes you in its New...

Price : 59 EUR

Visiter Vert de Rouge

Vert de Rouge


FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT and smiling, fast staff, despite pretty full rooms. Vert de Rouge is located in...

Price : 25 EUR

Visiter L'ecailler du palais royal

L'ecailler du palais royal


ANTIQUES DISTRICT, located in Sablon, "L’écailler du Palais Royal" opened in 1967 by Marcel Kreusch, former owner of...

Price : 70 EUR

Visiter La Ville de Brugge

La Ville de Brugge


Located in Anderlecht on the place de la Vaillance, this restaurant-brasserie welcomes you with a personalized service...

Price : 35 EUR

Visiter Emile Bistro

Emile Bistro


LOCATED IN IXELLES, FLAGEY DISTRICT, this former small bistro has undergone a facelift and now features a charming...

Price : 22 EUR

Visiter L'R du Temps

L'R du Temps


LONG LIVE THE WINTER WIND! – Perfect for the cold season, this restaurant proposes Swiss raclette and fondue of course,...

Price : 30 EUR

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