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Our app features the history of 50 monuments and great sites including places to discover Chatellerault. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Chatellerault

Visit Saint-Rémy Church

Saint-Rémy Church

Chenevelles has a Romanesque church Saint-Remy of the twelfth century. Having undergone reworking until the nineteenth century, its architecture and style are today varied. Its bell tower is to be admired, surmounted by a stone spire, as well as several architectural and artistic elements located... Read more

Visit Chenev'ailes ULM

Chenev'ailes ULM

Freedom, friendliness, adventures, good humor, friends, meeting place, aeronautical culture, security, we shake all that, and it gives the passion of Ultra Light Motorized, in other words the ULM. Read more

Visit Stables of Charçay

Stables of Charçay

Horse training, advice to owner riders, preparation for the competition, rehabilitation of the locomotion and fitness of the sport horse, goes up in amazon, equestrian choreographies (July) and pensions. Read more

Visit Equestrian farm of Petit Villiers

Equestrian farm of Petit Villiers

The club now has a beautiful structure with training grounds for future riders and a clubhouse for conviviality. Valérie Hérault, who directs the structure, thanked her close family and friends for the help they provided for the realization of the whole. The animations proposed during the afternoon... Read more

Visit Eagle (ZI of Saint Ustre)

Eagle (ZI of Saint Ustre)

Chain offering handmade rubber boots, ready-to-wear mixed and high-end rainwear. Read more

Visit The edge of Vienna

The edge of Vienna

As the name suggests, this green space is located directly on the banks of the river that crosses our territory: the Vienne. Equipped with parking, it is accessible from the Rue des Déportés and then just follow the gentle path that descends to the river. Equipped with outdoor games, it is fun for... Read more

Visit Carrah stables

Carrah stables

At the Pony club we expect children from 3 years for educational and fun lessons every Wednesday, Saturday and school holidays. Owners of horses, infrastructure and quality education are at your disposal with a personalized pension for the well being of your horses. Read more

Visit Museum of the Vieillardière

Museum of the Vieillardière

The Vieillardière is a lieu-dit reported as a fief of the Fontmaure priory in 1235, Puygareau in 1419, the Cure Mondion in 1689. It was an old farmhouse typical of the country designed for polyculture, livestock and life in autarky. It was developed by different owners or farmers and then... Read more

Visit pigeon loft

pigeon loft

The church is a fine example of the Poitevin Romanesque style. The conventual ensemble dates from the beginning of the 12th century and depended on the Abbey of Fontevrault. Around the church cloisters and conventual buildings were organized for the nuns whose prioress directed the community.... Read more

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