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Visiter Council House

Council House


This building, intended to host both the Municipal Council and the Museum of Art, was built between 1874 and 1879 on...

Visiter Library of Birmingham

Library of Birmingham


It replaced the Birmingham Central Library which was the city's main library from 1974 to 2013. There was a long...

Visiter Selfridges Building

Selfridges Building


This building is a part of the Bullring Shopping Center; it was built by Future Systems in 2003. It has a great...

Visiter International Convention Square

International Convention Square


This huge convention center was built between 1986 and 1991 on the plans of Percy Thomas Partnership and Renton Howard...

Visiter St. Martin in the Bull Ring

St. Martin in the Bull Ring


The current Victorian Anglican Church was built on the site of an old 13th century church, mentioned in a 1260 text....

Visiter Victoria Law Courts

Victoria Law Courts


In the 18th century Birmingham, whose growth was very fast, needed a court of assizes. It was built between 1887 and...

Visiter Methodist Central Hall

Methodist Central Hall


Like the neighboring Victoria Law Courts, this beautiful three-storey building is built of brick and covered with...

Visiter Museum and Art Gallery

Museum and Art Gallery


This great and interesting museum is eclectic: it contains paintings, sculptures, ceramics, metal objects, jewelery ,...

Visiter Saint Chad's Cathedral

Saint Chad's Cathedral

Church - Chapel

It is the first Catholic church built in England after the Reformation. It was built between 1831 and 1841 on the plans...

Visiter Back-to-Back Houses

Back-to-Back Houses


It is a set of terraced houses built during the Industrial Revolution, to cope with the influx of workers in the city....

Visiter Birmingham New Street Station

Birmingham New Street Station


The first station of this site was built in 1854; she was wearing a huge glass roof, the largest glass roof in the...

Visiter Millenium Point

Millenium Point

Private Building

This immense glazed parallelepiped is shared by a large number of activities: it hosts the Science Museum, the School...

Visiter Brindley Place

Brindley Place


From 1970, the industrial power of the United Kingdom began to decline; In particular, the factories of the Birmingham...

Visiter Ikon Gallery

Ikon Gallery


This contemporary art museum is housed in the former Oozells Street Board School , a beautiful Neo-Gothic school built...

Visiter National Sea Life Center

National Sea Life Center


This original aquarium was built on the plans of renowned architect Norman Foster. It presents, with suitable settings...

Visiter The Old Crown

The Old Crown


It is thought that this house was built between 1450 and 1500, perhaps even before (1368?), To house a school and...

Visiter Saracen's Head

Saracen's Head


Around Saint Nicholas Square, there is a former high school (15th century), the church of Saint Nicholas (13th century)...

Visiter Lad in the Lane

Lad in the Lane


This establishment, which is now a pub, is the oldest building in Birmingham: it dates back to around 1400....

Visiter Blakesley Hall

Blakesley Hall


It is a typical Tudor style house built with beams and wickerwork coated with mud. The beams are painted black and the...

Visiter Barber Institute of Fine Arts

Barber Institute of Fine Arts


It is an art gallery and a concert hall, located in a building built to accommodate them, on the campus of the...

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