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An all-in-one customized airport mobile app, the concierge solution we provide enhance the passenger experience and develop non-aeronautical revenue to your airport via a personalized mobile app.

Facilitate seamless passenger experience

E-concierge Passenger mobile app

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Schedules, boarding gate, time to go, security waiting time, airport services, takeaway orders. Offer a personalized travel assistant with indoor geolocation, notifications and real-time information. With a 100% customized airport mobile app, you control your data and airport digital space in total compliance with GDPR. Read more

Encourage with a personalized shopping experience

Airport Services and Geolocated Store Offers

E-concierge within customized airport mobile app identifies your passengers preferences and recommends accordingly offers and activities that can improve their experience at the airport. Pre-script notifications are triggered depending on geolocation of the mobile user

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Customized shopping recommendation

Find the right retail or deal for every occasion

Customized Mobile Airport app Privileges & Offers

The more your passengers buy via the customized airport mobile app, the more points they earn, the more benefits grow. Measure the impact of event offers, new destinations, improve your campaigns in real time.

E-concierge Travel Assistive

The chatbot selects the best flight deals of the moment, builds a program of stay and proposes booking facilities such as flights, hotels, local activities, restaurants, shows, museums fastpass, deals according to the preferences of the mobile user. All bookings are uploadable in the customized airport mobile app that send reminders.

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Airport Ancillary Revenues

InApp purchases, bookings, ticketing, the mobile user makes transactions within the app for each of his business and leisure trips in more than 120 destinations. Generated revenue through customized airport mobile app goes to the airport (average revenue of € 4.5 / mobile)

You already have your own airport app. You are interested in enriching your app with travel content and offer new facilities to your passengers. Developing new non-aeronautical revenues is also part of your strategy. Read more about our Travel content API

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